2022 Round 5 at Skiatook FlyerYour race club is excited to invite you to race Round 5 at the Williams Ranch in Skiatook, Oklahoma April 23-24th!
We hope everyone has been enjoying the extra week off for Easter. Don’t get too relaxed, for many racers, missing a week of banging bars with their buddies is like unkinking a water hose when they release that energy on the track!
The Williams Ranch has been a popular OCCRA venue for many years now. Located in a mountainous area of the state you can expect more rocks and elevation changes than most tracks we race at. There are spectator friendly hill climbs, creek crossings and of course some fast, wide-open sections you can really rip on!
Part of the reason we believe our overwhelming attendance is so high is due to the family atmosphere our members bring. OCCRA races are best experienced by spending the entire weekend there. We like to think of our race weekends as something you GET to do, not just show up and get it done and over with. Having said that, we look forward to hanging out with you in-between and after the races.
Littles XC is back for Round 3 of their series. Please make sure you have your “Littles” registered by 4pm Saturday.
Saturday evening you can also head over to Gooberville at 7:30 for Bible Study. Look for the sign or ask around, most people know where Cole’s place is.
Take a look at who the 2 Title Sponsors for Round 5 is. 5th Gear Cycle and the 3S-Team.com. Most OCCRA Sponsors are active racers in our club and take very good care of our members. 5th Gear Cycle is a great resource for any bike or quad racer. They stock many popular machines and of course all of the popular parts and accessories. Every project begins and ends with safety and that’s where the 3S Team can be there for you. Check them out!
We are working hard behind the scenes to adapt to our continued membership growth. At Round 4 we were able to get races off much closer to the scheduled time by making an easy to read starting line up sign that helped racers get lined up much easier. PLEASE let us know if you or someone with you quits a race early so we are not out looking for them. Getting the tracks clear between races is another area of attention we are focused on. Looking for riders that quit early is one of the challenges you can really help us eliminate.
We hope you have a fantastic Easter weekend and can’t wait to see everyone line up in Skiatook next week!
Here are your 1 click directions:
GPS: 36.438172, -95.974807