Below are the self-nominees to become 2023 officers.  Nominations will close on 9/4/2022.


Mary Doughty

I would like to be President.
I will serve with intention.  I will always have you the members interest at heart.  I will serve with passion as I did with our minis.  I have been your mini director for 9 years and one of those years I was your Vice President.  I will always be available to you the members and BOD.  I will work hard as always for the betterment of the club.  My husband and I have been members of this club since 2007.  
In all of this, one thing I do know, I won’t be able to do any of this without God’s help and the help of each of our members.

Vice President

Daniel Dyrcz

I’d like to see the organization continue to grow. Having been president of other organizations, the diversity of dealing with every type of person in the military, and the tenacity to work through any adversity I’d work to ensure the club grew. The harder the job the harder the work and I enjoy working hard.

Race Director

Benny Darnell

I’m back again you can’t get rid of me that easy

Assistant Race Director

Aaron Waldon

I would like to continue giving back to the club but would also like to try a different position. I would like to help to ensure tracks are safe, passable ,and fun

Scoring Director

Kim Johnson

Hi my name is Kim Johnson and I would like to be the scoring Director to see that we can get everything running smooth. I have 20 years in computer experience. I would also like to see that the computer screen that everyone can stays working. I hope that we all could work together to have a great year.

Shane Apple

I was scoring director for the 2016 and 2017 seasons. I am currently run the scoring trailer and ha e for the past 4 years. I know the scoring system and how to run the trailer. I would like to continue the work me an Emily Have done for the last 4 years.

Track Director

Brandon Brown

I would like to continue as a track director for this great organization

Brad Maccollister

I have had fun helping with these tracks and would like to continue on as a track director

Brandon Brown

I would like to continue as a track director for this great organization

Track Coordinator

Russell Doughty

I wish to continue leading the team in quality track building.

Mini Director

Kirby Evans

I have loved working with the minis and hope to continue to be the OCCRA mini director next year.

Mini Track Director

Dennis Fulbright Jr.

I want to ensure that the minis have a fun safe track and that is properly marked off so no littles get lost or hurt during their race.

Marketing Director

Stephen Benefield

I would like to fill the open position of Marketing Director for OCCRA. I have lived and breathed motocross and enduro since 1978 and have had a successful career in sales and marketing in the Defense Industry. I believe in the values that our club represents and will work to spread those values in our marketing outreach.

Work Director

Jason Hudson

To continue giving back to the club that’s been so good to my family and I, as well as getting more acquainted with my fellow racers. It takes a tremendous amount of work and effort to make each race weekend run smooth and enjoyable for the masses, and as the saying goes “Many hands make for light work”. I believe the Work Coordinator position is instrumental in making order out of this chaos, and would like the opportunity to put forth my best effort into it.

Equipment Manager


Special Events and Banquet Coordinator


Sponsorship and Contingency Director