Summer break is just about over and your race club is excited to invite you to race what was formerly Big Fox Run, now know as BFE September 3-4 in Cameron, OK! We are really excited to have such a popular venue to kickstart the 2nd ½ of our 12 round 2022 race series.
BFE is a very popular track with diverse features. Its got some elevation, creeks, hill climbs, fast sections and we always like the flowing woods which there is plenty of. You’ll hear racers talking about the “dragons back” as one of the memorable features. The dirt can change a bit depending on how wet or dry it is so come prepared for anything.
We are not going to make you read all the way to the end to talk about the always epic Powerwheels Downhill Special Event. Yes, adults on Powerwheels racing downhill! If you don’t already have one, we don’t recommend borrowing your child’s because you may not be returning it in the same condition you borrowed it in. Racers tend to put these to the test. Hit some garage sales, FB Marketplace etc. and get creative. We’ve seen some old beaters and some really nice ones all tricked out. Regardless, this is a really FUN event to spectate or participate in. PW DH shenanigans begin at 6:30. Your Powerwheels will need to be in quarantine around the scoring trailer a few hours prior to the event so be looking for more posts related to this Special Event.
Join Cole and the gang for Bible Study at Gooberville Saturday Evening. Its usually easy to find but just ask around if you cant find it.
There are 2 Title Sponsors featured for RD8. RS Fuel and Get R Done Trucking are both long time supporters of your race club. Most racers know the importance of high quality fuel. RS Fuel takes it a step further and offers multiple options of HQ, High Octane fuels and more. More details can be found at Get-R-Done Trucking is an Interstate DOT registered company here in OK that can be contacted at 405.366.2854 to find out how they can help you and your friends.
If you are new to racing with OCCRA, we will be excited to meet you. In addition to the Officers in Yellow shirts, you can also mingle with our adventurous and friendly racers to help you get a feel for things.
Here are your 1 click directions:
GPS: 35.158904063277866, -94.57917840741683