Round 11 at the Dry Creek Ranch in Comanche, OK is ON!
Gates open Friday at 3pm.
We are so excited to have the privilege of racing at this all new track. You’ll be laying down first tracks! The terrain is really a good mix of loamy dirt and sand with a few rocky sections. While you’re mostly in the woods, the Grass Track and a few straights should excite the high speed lovers. Lets please work together to leave this new venue as good or better than we found it.
While your attention is high early in this post, we want to get some important info to you about this weekends race.
  • The Schedule has been updated to adjust for available daylight. Basically we pushed most races back 30 minutes. This flyer has the amended schedule on it.
  • There is a Burn Ban. Sorry, no campfires.
  • Stay off of the old farm equipment. There is too much to banner off. Please don’t make us police this.
  • There is no parking in the Pecan Orchard.
  • Take advantage of the $5 Temporary Membership your race club is offering to racers that are not current Members. It’s a great way to try us out before committing to the Annual Membership so tell your buddies!
Saturday Night Drag Racing! Yep, we are lining up your bikes and quads (nothing else) and letting them rip down the Drag Strip! That’s the Saturday Night Special Event that is sure to be very entertaining.
Cole hosts Bible Study at Gooberville Saturday evenings at his Mobile Mansion. You should see the signs but if you don’t see it just ask around.
There are 2 Title Sponsors that are supporting RD 11 and know that members will help show our gratitude supporting those that support your race club. Shawnee Honda Polaris Kawasaki Suzuki Avalon Viaggio and Cross 7 Veterinary Clinic.
Lets RACE!
Here are your 1 click directions:
34.304115, -98.004931