Track Preview

Track Markings

Agawam scouting report from Dale Selman:
This track should make a great season opener! It’s a brand new track with fast, sandy, GP style, and some tight technical stuff!
The county road 2860 has fresh rock, and the county cleared the trees so it’s basically a superhighway.
Entering into the property you’ll be facing north, like picture. There’s 16 acres east of the entry road for parking!
The arrow pointing west takes you to the start gate and scoring trailer. The road west is reserved for vendor row, no parking please.
The nearest town is Rush Springs, they have groceries, Dollar General, etc.
The nearest town with motels is Chickasha Ok, about 20 miles. Chickasha is also the nearest hospital.
We look forward to seeing you there to kick off another great season 2024!!
Use of Fire Update
Mother Nature just reminded me. I would like to say the message below could change. Mother Nature does her own thing. The rain right now might not be enough to change my mind or maybe it will be.
Currently there are no burn bans right now in the state but the fire weather forecast shows Saturday to be critical and Sunday to be extreme fire danger. We must restrict the use of flames at round 1. Flame producing cooking like gas grills, gas griddles, and/or charcoal are all okay unless a burn ban comes down. No campfires. No fire pits. No fire rings. No fire bowls. Just to be safe we shouldn’t even think about fire!! I’ll be keeping eye on weather conditions and burn bans. If anything changes I will let everyone know. If you have any questions please message me directly.
OCCRA Fire Marshall
Bill Burns 🔥