🎉🏁It’s that time!!!!🏁🎉
Start thinking about Round 2 Riverbend Ranch out in Cleveland, OK! Coordinates are 36.308264, -96.532165! See you there!


Fires are OK but NO OUTSIDE FIREWOOD IS ALLOWED.  There is plenty of firewood to scavenge on site.

Updates from Dale:

Riverbend Ranch Scouting Report:
Highlighted in yellow is a big level spot, 2023 campgrounds. Due to the terrain, I’d park big rigs and groups in this area.
Highlighted in green is more camping under a high line row, or north of the fence is trackside. It’s a big area, but kinda hilly. I think smaller rigs and 4×4’s will be best suited for this area.
Highlighted in red is day parking, and OCCRA camp. Registration, scoring, and the start gate are in the area.
The landowner has concessions near the scoring trailer (check the menu in comments)
This is a fundraising effort for a local youth group Doug’s kids are part of.
Cleveland Ok is the nearest town. They have a Wal Mart, Grocery Store, Tractor Supply and several restaurants.
There’s construction on the bridge coming from Cleveland, give yourself 10-15 minutes for the traffic light
Looks like the weather will be great!
No outside firewood, but plenty of free wood onsite.
See you there!
We have a bit to go through for our future pros but gonna start off by talking about classes and promotions!
In the past mini classes have ended up being 1 or 2 kids in the A/B lines and then huge C/D lines with a whole mix of skill. We are working very hard this year to correct this and Jerry has worked very hard in the off season to come up with a way to easily track this in mototally! This will make promotions easier, keep these classes even, and competitive based on speed for the kids!
Things will get better over the next couple rounds and we will get classes set and consistent. With that said, at this age kids progress at a very quick rate so some kids will get very fast through the season! This is the goal to be in classes that encourage growth! Getting to another class is a badge of honor and it has been seen as a punishment in the past. We will be talking to parents about promotions as we see these kids progress but if you see your kid is getting faster and you would like to move them up a class please talk to Jerry!
We still recommend that since kids progress so fast to do a nice graphic kit BUT leave the number plates blank! Buying a number pack that are peel and stick is a lot easier to change as they move classes!
With these class changes and promotions classes will now be more even and spread out making most lines bigger. We want to keep encouraging our kiddos so we have an exciting update that we hope will help kids with confidence as they progress in the sport:
🏆🏁Starting round 2 we will be giving awards up to 5th place in PeeWee, 50cc bike, Mini quad, and 65cc bikes. We are hoping with the bigger classes and promotions this will give all kids something to shoot for!🏁🏆
This round we hope to grow our award presentations and we encourage all kids to come out and be a part of it! We have pushed awards back a bit this round to make sure we have all final results ready and make sure that parents have the best chance at being present and the kids have time to be ready!
🏁Saturday schedule:
We will do an award ceremony for PeeWee and Mini quads after the completion of the long course quad race! Once the last quad comes off we will head over to the awards area and get things started.
🏁Sunday schedule:
We will do an award ceremony for mini bikes in ascending order: 85cc / 65cc / 50cc immediately following the start of the A line big bike race. This assures we have all final results and again parents are able to attend! We will watch the big guys start and then head over to the awards area and celebrate the kids!
As you know we are trying hard to make this really special for the kids. There are a lot of factors that come in to play to make this work for everyone’s schedule. We will get better and we hope to have a really great system after a few rounds.
If you have ideas or can help out, find one of us at the awards ceremony and we can chat! We are all ears and looking forward to making this year exceptional for the future of our sport.