The Littles XC series is about to kick off at round 3 gearheart ranch! This year we are wanting to make this special for these future OCCRA pros! While it will be similar to previous years, we have heard your feedback and made changes to hopefully improve this for the majority!
Here are the details:
This will be an 8 race series. It will take place at rounds 3 through round 10. You must make 6 races of the 8 races to be eligible for year end awards. Year end awards will be calculated on the 7 best finishes with one drop for the year.
We have adjusted classes this year based on feedback! The biggest thing that was brought to our attention that we have changed is having more age base classes. We have added classes this year to allow kids of similar ages to run together. The kids will have to be the listed age or less at round 1 of OCCRA (March 3rd) to be eligible for that age class. We hope this will help keep them feeling competitive and excited!
🚲Balance bikes:
Balance bike 3 and under
Balance bike 5 and under
12” ebike 3 and under
12” ebike 6 and under
16” ebike B beginner 6 and under
16” ebike A advanced 6 and under
🙌Class placement and promotions:
For the most part these classes are aged base so you would simply add your child in the class that fits their age. You can always ride up a class but you can’t ride down. Example: Let’s say someone has a 3 year old that is as fast as the 5 year olds they are able to move that child up to a higher class to get more experience and compete.
We will not move kids from their age group but skill classes will have a promotion structure. The 16” ebike A and B are skill based and we are going to monitor overall times in these 2 classes and do our best to have 2 classes with a pretty even amount of kids with the appropriate skill levels.
This will be open numbers for any class! You can choose a number as long as it is not taken. With that said we are doing our best to let the kids who raced last year keep the number they had. If you choose a number that someone had last year we will verify with them to make sure they are not wanting the number before we release it. In order to help this run smooth we would like you to work with Jay over the next few days to lock in your number and class. Go ahead and message him the class you intend to enter into and the number you would like! He will check the list and reply with your official class and number. Remember, last years kids will have number priority so if there are any duplicates for new racers it will be a first come first serve on who gets it!
⏰Practice times:
-Track will be open for practice from 12:00 on saturday until 5:30pm.
-Open practice is 12:00 to 3:00
-Strider only is 3:00 to 3:30
-eBike 0-3 only is 3:30 to 4:00
-eBike 4-6 only is 4:00 to 4:30
-open practice for all is is reopened from 4:30 to 5:30
** no pedal bicycles, pit bikes or any vehicles with the motor at any time.**
🏁Races start promptly at 6:00
-All balance classes – 7 minute race
-Both 12” eBike classes – 10 minute race
-Both 16” eBike classes – 15 minute race
🏆Awards start at 7:15pm and after the kids will have the chance to get together for some snacks and hang out!
If you have any questions, or need help getting registered, or anything else. Please message Jay Elliott with a phone number to call you.