Macomb was a beautiful race weekend and a very nice property to race. I hope everyone enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. The Macomb track was a track that was the tipping point for future rain dates and scheduling. Thank the good Lord, everything went off as planned and we now have options moving forward.

The logistics of putting on 3 races on back-to-back weekends is extremely difficult for both officers and members. It is in the best interest not to force a situation that isn’t required. Therefore, the next round will be round 6 at Frederick Lake as there are enough rain dates and locations to have workarounds to be able to keep to the posted schedule. We wanted to plan for a worst-case scenario if the Memorial Day weekend was forced to be used but since the weather cooperated with us, go enjoy your holiday weekend with your friends and families at the lake or wherever you choose to celebrate.

Please share this information with as many members as possible and we will have the flyer for Frederick Lake out soon.