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Pee Wee Quads Get a Race of Their Own

Update for 2023: This class, formerly known as Mini Mini Quad is now known as Pee Wee Quad.  Pee Wee Quad racers get the mini track all to themselves for their Saturday morning race!

Work Required

Work is not required for Pee Wee Quad racers.

Championship Requirements

Race 7 races and place in the top 10 of your class.  Your 2 lowest scores will be dropped.  No work required for Pee Wee Quad.

Pee Wee Quad

Class Number Range Race
Pee Wee Quad 1-99Q Row #1.
7 and under as of round 1 of current race season. Max 70cc 2 stroke or 100cc 4 stroke.
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