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Your race club is excited to present the make up race for this weekends unfortunate postponement. Thank you all so much for understanding and being patient while your race officials worked on “plan B”.
We will be using our published Rain Date that is already part of our seasonal schedule on June 12-13 (next weekend). Mark your calendars, call your friends that aren’t plugged in to technology and spread the word!
The parking lot at Rocky Top Ranch is saturated now that the water table is so high and will not be usable for next weekend either so we are moving the race to Hinton. Hinton is a very popular sand track less than 1 hour from OKC. We are very grateful that the land owners are being so accommodating with short notice.
This is the last round before the Summer Break so bring your game and head into the break on a high note!
We will be pushing more info soon so please stay tuned. We just wanted to get this out there as soon as it was official.
Lets RACE!
Here are your 1 click directions:
GPS: 35.459927, -98.412104

2021 Rd 7 at Rocky Top Ranch POSTPONED

Sorry racers. We just got word that the parking lot at Round 7 is moosh from the last rain and cannot realistically handle our needs. The track is in great shape but have exhausted efforts to address parking alternatives.
We do not have make up race information yet. We just wanted to get this out there ASAP.
Please follow our posts, texts and website for updates coming soon.

2021 Rd 7 at Rocky Top Ranch

Your race club is excited to invite you to race Round 7 in Lamar, OK at the Rocky Top Ranch June 5-6th! The name of the ranch says it all. OCCRA racers will be treated to laying down 1st tracks at this amazing property. New trails have been cut in and this weekend the hard working OCCRA trail crew will have it complete. Its very rocky and technical so call all of your rock riding buddies and make sure they show up.
This is our last race before the Summer break so there is no doubt racers will be pushing hard to finish strong.
We have 2 fantastic sponsors for RD 7 that offer product and services most racers could benefit from. Amsoil…yep, Amsoil which needs no introduction with the popularity of their brand will be out there giving racers deep discounts on their products. Shawnee Honda Polaris Kawasaki has all of your Honda, Polaris and Kawasaki needs as well as parts, accessories and apparel to keep you rolling. They take such good care of OCCRA members so make sure you check them out and support the people that support your race club!
Bible Study will be at Gooberville as always Saturday evening. We will also have another special event which is being voted on right now. Check out the Poll that puts the decision in your hands. What will it be? RC car racing or Dirt Bike Limbo?
Lamar is remote, just the way most off-roaders like it! Having said that, there are not many amenities nearby so come prepared. Henryetta is about 30 miles from the track with food, lodging and fuel. There are other small towns around but not many resources so do your research this week on what needs you will have.
More info to come this week…
Here are your 1 click directions:
GPS 35.166654, -96.131208

2021 Rd 6 – Make Promises Happen

Your race club is very excited to invite you to race Round 6 in Guthrie at Make Promises Happen (MPH) May 15-16!
MPH is a very popular track we have been racing for many years and its for a great cause. The track is fast and sandy with some tighter areas back in the woods.
Round 6 is sponsored by BluewaterOKC and Ajax Motorsports.
Bluewater Divers is Oklahoma’s premier Scuba Diving shop that can train you as a PADI diver, take you around the world on tropical trips and of course has all of your favorite brands of gear with unbeatable OCCRA discounts.
Ajax Motorsports is an extremely popular bike shop that hardly needs introductions as they take very good care of OCCRA members and beyond and well know through the riding community. Check them out at the races to see what they can do for you. They are also hosting a rider clinic Saturday evening with limited spaces. Please contact them at 405.634.8400 to find out how to get in on that.
We have some HUGE pro payouts this weekend:
Bob Myers (MPH owner) is putting in $1500 to the big bike pro purse in the A race.
The John Vance Auto Group is putting in $1000 to the pro quad purse as well as a generous donation to the Silent Auction.
There will be a Poker Run Saturday Evening right after big bike practice about 6pm. Its $5 each to enter and you must sign up before the end of big bike practice. 50% of the entries will go to the winner and the other to the camp at Make Promises Happen. We could really use some volunteers to help with the Poker Run at each station.
More info to come this week so stay tuned!
Here are your 1 click directions:

Ajax Grand Prix

Moto, Asphalt, Sand Track, Grass Track, Endurocross,
and the most fun you can have on two wheels!


The track will be a unique mix of motocross, enduro, asphalt, and XC sections with lap times of around 10 minutes. The tracks are designed to not favor any specific discipline of racing to encourage competition no matter your background with option lines around some of the hard stuff.
Here are a few things that you should know before the race.

  • Open moto practice 10:00-2:00
  • Mini GP practice 2-3 pm (shorter course for 50 and 65 riders only)
  • Big bike GP practice 3-4 pm (Long course, may have a section closed to preserve for race day)
  • Registration 4-5 pm ((Bring your helmet. both team members of the team race must sign up at the same time)
  • Stacyc Demo 4-5 pm at the mini track.
  • Stacyc Races 5 pm (Free Entry)
  • Free camping


  • 7:00 Gates open
  • 7:00 – 10:00 Registration (Bring your helmet. both team members of the team race must sign up at the same time)
  • Sight Laps
    • 9:00-9:20 mini sight lap Wheels on the ground (Follow lead rider)
    • 9:30-9:50 Big bike sight lap. Wheels on the ground (Follow lead rider)
  • 10:00 Riders meeting at bleachers
  • 10:30 Race 1
    • 10:30 First row goes (5 rows spaced 30 sec apart)
    • 11: ish white flag
    • 11:40 track clear
  • 11:40 Race 2
    • 11:40 Row 1 goes (5 rows spaced 30 sec apart)
    • 12:20 ish white flag for leader
    • 12:35 track clear
  • 50 RACE 25 MIN Checkered flag
    • 12:50 START
    • 1: 15 Checkered
    • 1:25 TRACK CLEAR
  • 65 Race 25 MIN Checkered flag
    • 1:40 Start
    • 2:05 Checkered
    • 2:15 track clear
  • 2:30 Race 3 Team Race 2 hrs plus 1 lap
    • 2:30 START
    • 4:30 white flag
    • 4:40 Track clear


  • A-Race (Individual)
    • 40 min +1 lap
      • PRO (200% payout, $60 entry)
      • EXPERT
      • 85CC EXPERT
      • +25 OPEN
  • B-Race (Individual)
    • 40 min +1 lap
      • NOVICE
      • +40 OPEN
      • +50 OPEN
      • 85 CC NOVICE
      • WOMEN
  • 50cc GP Race (Individual)
    • 25 min
      • 50 A
      • 50 B
  • 65cc GP Race (Individual)
    • 25 min
      • 65 A
      • 65 B
  • Team Race
    • 2 hour+1 lap
      • AA Team
      • Iron Man*
      • Advanced Team
      • Novice Team
      • +40 Team
      • Parent/Child Team**

This event will be digitally scored by OCCRA using their MOTOTALLY system. You will be given two number decals to be placed on the front plate and right side plate of the bike. You will need to bring your helmet to registration, both team members of the team race must sign up at the same time. We will install a barcode label under the visor of the helmet which will score you when you enter the scoring chute.

Be sure to slow down in the scoring chute to make sure that you have been scored. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have been scored. Also remember, no passing in the scoring chute!


  • Awards will be given 1st-5th place 30 minutes after each race near the scoring trailer.


  • $10 per-head gate fee
  • Pro Entry: $60
  • A and B Race $45
  • 50cc and 65cc $25
  • Team Race $90 per team
    • *$50 Ironman Class
    • Teams of 2 riders.
    • **Parent/Child class is for parents/legal guardians and their legal children. The minimum bike size is 85 cc 17/14 wheel size.

The races will be held at Oklahoma Motorsports Complex (OMC) in Norman.
3501 S Interstate Dr, Norman, OK 73072

QUESTIONS? Click here to email me! or call us at 405-634-8400.

2021 Rd 5 Battle of the Border Part 2!

Your race club is very excited to invite you, as well as our friends from AXC Racing to part 2 of the Battle of the Border. For part 1 last weekend, AXC whooped us on Saturday but but we had a lot of bikes show up Sunday to take the lead. As a result, Jason Sterling with AXC has to wear an OCCRA shirt at the race so make sure you get lots of pictures with him! OCCRA racers are + CHARGED for this upcoming race which will decide who the winner of the border battle will be. We would love it if you reached out to your friends to make sure they will be there. Talk with your favorite bike shops and make sure they are promoting it as well…
Round 5 is in Skiatook, OK at the Williams Ranch which has been a track favorite for many years.
We would like to thank the 2 RD 5 featured sponsors, in addition to the entire sponsor list for supporting RD 5.
*Check out the 3S Team at where every project begins and ends with Safety!


Tulsa Powersports

is a very popular supporter of our racers. Whether you are looking for a new machine, parts, service or advice they take very good care of OCCRA members and hope you will check them out.

OCCRA members know what it means to be + CHARGED and loved the sportsmanship we witnessed at RD 4. The +CHARGED theme for RD 5 is Confidence which you will be hearing throughout the pits at the race next week. Lets help our friends at AXC feel welcomed as they adjust to our rules and formats which are a little different than theirs.
In addition to endless socializing opportunities with the mixing of 2 fantastic race clubs, we have the Littles XC Stacyc races at 5:30 Saturday Evening. Please make sure you are signed up by 4pm at the Scoring Trailer. Bible Study is at Gooberville at 7:30 where you will hear quite a bit more about the confidence you can have when you are + CHARGED!
To our friends at AXC, please take some time to check out our website which has lots of valuable resources to help you prepare for a successful race
Here are your 1 click directions:

2021 Rd 4 Battle of the Border Part 1!

Hey racers…next weekend we celebrate 2 fantastic race clubs that are + CHARGED coming together for a 2 part Battle of the Borders.
At the end of the day everyone will still be racing their own classes but there will be some things that are a little different. By nature, those with racer mindsets love exciting new things but we can also appreciate that not everyone deals with “change” well. The race schedule will be similar but both clubs have a handful of races that the other does not and still must race. That basically means the days will be a little longer. It’s been several years since we have done border battles and hope everyone has a blast.
Speaking to positivity and options, we know it’s a little bit further drive and the days will be longer. It’s a new track for most of you and is supposed to be REALLY worth it. You also get to meet and race others from AXC in Arkansas. OCCRA gives you 2 drops per season. Even if you win every race, your 2 lowest scores including no shows are tossed out. This helps you during injuries, tracks or weather you don’t like or just a bad race. We would love it if we have a fantastic turn out to show these Arkansas racers what kind of talent and sportsmanship OCCRA brings!
Sorry we could not get you this information sooner but our volunteer officers have been working hard with AXC to fine tune this with as much foresight as possible. We will be pushing more details out this afternoon as well. Just wanted to keep you in the loop.
Stay tuned and stay + CHARGED!

Round 3 at Crosstimbers is ON!!

Round 3 at Crosstimbers in OKC is ON! Your race club is fully + CHARGED and ready to deliver what you have been thinking about all week. The LOVE that we all share for this sport bonds us. All you have to do is look around the parking lot this weekend to see that there are hundreds of other racers that are + CHARGED and loving life! The inspiration is very real and makes our volunteer officers so happy to see the LOVE.
LOVE is Round 3’s CHARGED theme. You can hear quit a bit more of it at Bible Study Saturday Night at 7:30 and/or OCCRA Church Sunday Morning.
Track report: Although the track got a lot of rain early this week the vast majority of the track is prime dirt but there will be some muddy spots. Quads and Bikes will mostly have their own tracks with minimal overlap.
RS Fuel and Performance HVAC are the featured sponsors for RD 3 and invite you to check out everything they can offer to our members.
PARK RULES: There are park rules at RD 3 that exceed our own. It is very important you help us stay in compliance. Helmets must be worn anytime you are on a motorized vehicle of any kind racer or not. This means spectators in golf carts, S x S etc. as well as racers just putting around.
In addition to the helmet rule, we KNOW this is very tough but we cannot ride the all new Endurocross section located in the parking lot. We will have it bannered off, feel free to look around but no riding.
If you have an existing permit please bring it. If you do not have a permit, OCCRA will provide you with a Day Pass you will get at the gate in a separate line.
Gates open at 3pm today…LETS RACE!
Here are your 1 click directions: (not the normal entrance)

2021 Rd 3 at Crosstimbers

Your race club is excited to invite you to race Crosstimbers–2021 Round 3 March 27-28!
Crosstimbers (Draper) is a local favorite offering diverse trail options and just minutes from OKC.
There are a few special rules with this race we will be pushing out in separate posts to avoid getting lost in the descriptions. We really need everyone to read the posts to get all the info.
RD 3 featured sponsors are RS Fuel and Performance HVAC. You can turn your race flyers over and see all of the great sponsors that support us. You can plan on the sponsors that take care of your race club also taking care of you if you need their services so please check them out!
Saturday race times are slightly tweaked to accommodate daylight hours so please make sure you check that out.
Stay tuned for more info coming out shortly…

Round 2 is ON!!


Round 2 in Cache, OK is ON!
Earlier this week we challenged our members to be + Charged and WOW, we are extremely excited about the results. There was 6″ of rain in the forecast for this weekend and now has dropped significantly. Honestly, the track could use some rain. While we do not know exactly what the weekend weather will hold all indications point to another epic event full of + CHARGED racers ready for some FUN! Often times members will post screen shots of potential weather challenges a week out which only takes the spirit away from those looking forward to racing and this went over so well. Thank you to the + CHARGED members who stepped in and helped us flood our playground with happiness.
PLEASE…please, please, please scroll back through the last week or so’s posts to catch up on important information. Everything from remembering to adjust your clocks for Daylight Savings to brushing up on our rules and everything in-between. We understand everyone wants to just show up and race but we have some rules that are being ignored and causing some safety issues. Largely related to irresponsible pit riding. There were some warnings given at Round 1 but penalties will be enforced this weekend.
We are so grateful for every sponsor that supports OCCRA. You can turn your race flyer over and see the entire sponsor list for the 2021 season. Each round has 2 featured sponsors. Round 2 is sponsored by Lawton Motorsports and Overstreet & Son Construction.
Lawton Motorsports is very close to this track and is worth checking out. They give very generous discounts to OCCRA members and are a fantastic resource for racers.
Overstreet & Son Construction does so many different types of construction work so give them a shout when you are ready to tackle that next project.
Gates open at 3pm today!
BRING A TRASH BAG AND PACK YOUR TRASH OUT. Normally our members are so great about packing their trash out but RD 1 was a different story.
Cash or Checks only
Here are your 1 click directions. or GPS is 34.550994,-98.671496
Lets RACE!

2021 Rd 2 – Battle with the Cattle!

Your race club is excited to invite you to Round 2 of our 2021 season to the “Battle with the Cattle” in Cache, OK!

Round 1 was a huge success. There are so many racers that are CHARGED up and carrying a lot of positive energy into Round 2.
There is quite a bit of general race information on our website we encourage all racers to please check out.
The Special Event for Saturday Night is the Littles XC race for kids. Please make sure you are signed up by 4pm Saturday. Sign up is by the Scoring Trailer and entries are $10 per race. This year, your Littles XC racer must be a 2021 member. You can add them to your family membership at no additional cost.

The Round 2 featured sponsors are Lawton Motorsports  and Overstreet & Son Construction.

Lawton Motorsports is a well stocked shop that gives generous discounts to OCCRA Members so check them out for your next machine or stock up on parts & accessories you can take home same day!

Overstreet & Son is ready to take on just about any of your construction project needs. Whether its needing lines laid, septic systems, house pads, cutting trees, pushing ponds or just about anything else check them out!


Get loaded up, bring your CHARGED up positive energy, invite some friends and get ready for a FUN weekend of racing and priceless socializing.

Bible Study is Saturday Night at Gooberville and OCCRA Church Sunday morning has a very positive message for you!
If you do not subscribe to our texts they are very convenient way to receive valuable info. just text the actual word OCCRA to 833-528-1533 or if you only want texts on Mini’s text OCCRAMINI to the same number. **if you text that number and say “sign me up”, you will not be signed up. Its automated and will only sign you up if you text those exact words.

Here are your 1 click directions. or GPS is 34.550994,-98.671496

Congratulations to Johnny Horton – KX250 Winner!


Congrats to Johnny Horton that had the winning raffle ticket for the brand new Kawasaki KX250 XC from your race club!

Altus Motorsports  will be decking it out with new graphics you may see at the next race. We were so excited to make this happen.
Round 1 was a HUGE success and would sincerely like to thank everyone for their support and really positive energy you brought. Racers were clearly CHARGED up just made it an amazing weekend.
We set records! We had 551 race entries! Thank you for making that happen. We are not done yet, we are just getting started with 11 more rounds to look forward to, most of which are private tracks and only accessible during our race.
We would also like to thank our featured sponsors for RD 1.
Altus Motorsports  and OKCSTORAGE.COM. Thank you for supporting our club.
We were very happy to have Dylan with 405 Mods  out there turning wrenches for our members. They were super busy all weekend so thank you for supporting them as well.
We will have the Round 2 flyer out before the weekend so keep your eyes out for that.

2021 Round 1 Recap

Everyone bring it in for a HUGE virtual high 5 from your race club. WOW, we don’t have official stats calculated yet but we do know that members set numerous attendance records for Round 1!
We are getting lots of redundant questions asked online so here is a quick response we hope you will help us share:
  • Pictures – Those are taken by many volunteer individuals that just post them when they get to it. If you are a picture taker PLEASE tag OCCRA so everyone can see.
  • Scoring – Unofficial results are printed shortly after each race but official results take time to audit and are generally posted Monday evenings following a race.
  • Pit riding – YES. lots of questions about this. Penalties will be issued to anyone abusing the pit riding rules. Most got a “hall pass” at RD 1 but not moving forward. PARENTS…if your child is under 14 they may not ride their machine at all except to and from their actual race or official practice session. Anyone under 18 must wear a helmet while riding responsibly in the pits. Even if you are on a golf cart or other vehicle, if you ride recklessly in the pits there will be penalties.
  • Spectators – Be very mindful of where you are in relation to the track. We had people parking and hanging out on live tracks.
We will be getting more info out shortly on the epic results of a very successful Round 1. Stay tuned!

Special Event Calendar for 2021

Can you believe we are just over a week away from the 1st flag drop of the season? Our Special Events Coordinator Kirby Evans has put together a FUN season of events. Here is a preview of what she has come up with:
  1. HINTON: Bonfire/karaoke/bike giveaway
  2. Cache: Littles XC
  3. OKC: Littles XC
  4. Arkansas: we will be working with AXC on this specifics TBA!
  5. Skiatook: Littles XC
  6. Guthrie: organized activities with AJAX MOTORSPORTS to benefit MPH
  7. Lamar:
  8. Stroud: Enjoy the lake
  9. Cameron: Power wheels
  10. Ardmore: Potluck
  11. Cleveland: Littles XC
  12. Ada: Littles XC
In order the be in Littles XC:
  1. You must be a member of OCCRA, you can be on a family membership for no extra charge.
  2. If riding a motorized bike you must have a DOT approved helmet on. If riding a strider it does not have to be DOT approved but you must wear a helmet.
  3. There will be a $10 entry fee for each race this is so we can provide a personalized hoodie at the end of the season to the members in Littles XC
  4. It is recommended to have number plates on bikes OR numbers on fronts of shirts.

Season Finale at Hinton

This is it…last chance to race OCCRA in 2020. Your race club would like to invite you and your friends to help us make the last race of the one to remember.
Can you believe after all challenges 2020 gave us we still pulled off a full 12 race season? Can you believe we did it with record attendance? Thank you so much to everyone that has showed up and made it so great.
Since the last round is so close to Halloween we are asking everyone to wear a costume to race in! Yes, you heard correctly, we are having a costume contest for those that dress up during the race. We are so excited to see how creative our members can be.
Hinton is largely a “sand track” that flows through the woods with some open sections. This will be our 4th time to race this property and it seems to keep getting better each time.
We would like to thank our Round 12 Sponsors for their support. Our very own Russell Doughty with Lampton Welding Supply has ALL of your welding supply needs. Go check them out or give them a call at 405.232.2577 or visit their website
Altus Motorsports is a familiar shop that has been supporting your race club very well all year long along with its partners. If you are looking for a new bike/quad/SxS, parts, accessories or apparel they have a well stocked showroom with knowledgeable staff to help you out.
Round 12 is the last round to take advantage of our $5 Temporary Membership. We are just shy of our 1000 member goal but have 1 more shot to make it happen. Reach out to your friends and family that are curious why you are always talking about how much FUN you have racing. Most of us have those other friends that have taken a break from racing for some reason. Reach out and hassle them and remind them what they are missing.
GPS: 35.459927, -98.412104
Here are your 1 click directions:

Round 6 at Crosstimbers – LOTSA Info Inside

Your race club would like to invite you to race this highly anticipated venue centrally located in OKC which is what many members call their home track.
Round 6 is a make up race from the Summer. 2020 has thrown some punches at us but we are still on track for a full 12 race season!
First we would like to thank our RD 6 sponsors for supporting the race.

Lawton Motorsports  is a great shop that is very involved in racing and has been a strong supporter of your race club this year along with Altus Motorsports also in the same family. This shop is very knowledgeable of their products and well stocked.
Service Master Restore is also a primary sponsor for RD 6. When disaster strikes, they will be there to provide the guidance, expertise and personalized care needed to ensure your life gets back to normal, quickly. Just call 405.528.6600 or visit
Please read through this as we summarize a few very important topics.
Crosstimbers is a premium riding area that is well established and organized. You will not have to pay for a permit but if you do not have one already you will be required to go through the permit process minus paying for it and it can take a few minutes. We will have 2 entrance lines to expedite the process since so many riders already have permits. If you have a permit, BRING IT. If you do not have it with you, you cannot be looked up and will have to get in the non-permit holder line and go through that process. For non-permit holders, your complimentary pass is only valid for the race weekend. Annual Passes as well as day passes can be purchased in advance if you prefer but you WILL NOT be reimbursed for advance purchases.
For Special events we have Littles XC which is really fun to watch even if you do not have kids that are racing. Of course you will always find Cole Williams leading bible study at the Gooberville portable palace at 7:30pm.
If your normal race day is Sunday for example, and you wish to earn work points please keep in mind you are supposed to work Sunday (your normal race day) because there is a limit to how many workers can be accepted on your non-race day. Is it possible to work Saturday, yes. Is it guaranteed that there will be an available position, no. We anticipate large numbers of racers working the last few races which is typically the only time this gets brought up. Please see recent posts for more details.
Quads and Bikes are on separate tracks for this race but the start is in same staging area. Quads will be enjoying the very spectator friendly Grass track which is really fast and flows well. Big bikes will be on the recently reversed Blue trail which is single track at its best! There are lots of recent videos posted of the track, just not the official OCCRA track as there will be some variations.
Although we are REALLY close to achieving our 1000 member goal for 2020, we are asking each of you to reach out to at least 1 person you know that would enjoy taking advantage of our $5 Fall Temporary Membership offer. Whether its someone new or a racer that has not been involved this year just remember how much enjoyment YOU get from this and we are sure you would want others to as well.
Please refer to GPS or 1 click directions below. If you OPT IN to our texts you will be treated to an even more simplified resource for directions.
GPS: 35.348646, -97.382942
1 click directions:

Round 11 – Battle with the Cattle!

There is a LOT going on at Round 11 – Battle with the Cattle and are breaking it all down for you in this video. Fireworks, live bands, $5 temporary membership and more! We are so close to meeting a goal we never set because it would have sounded crazy to think we could ever get 1000 members. Help your race club meet that goal by inviting your friends!

Posted by OCCRA Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association on Thursday, September 24, 2020

Your race club is excited to invite you to race the “Battle with the Cattle” for RD 11 in Cache, OK.
There is a LOT more going on at this race than normal so please read over the flyer. There is also a separate video that breaks it all down.

First we would like to thank

Altus Motorsports

/ Altus Factory Racing Development and

Overstreet & Son Construction

for sponsoring RD 11.

Battle with the Cattle is another all new track exclusive to your race club. Russell Doughty and the Walker family have worked hard to lay this track out and build it.
RD 11 is our Annual $5 Temporary Membership we are asking you to help us promote in an effort to reach our goal of 1000 members for 2020. While OCCRA still remains one of the least expensive race clubs in the state, we are continuing to offer a 1 race “temp membership”. THIS IS VALID AT RD 11 ONLY. All other fees still apply which are listed on the flyer and are CASH/CHECK only. This is a great incentive to tell your friends that do not race or have been dormant this season. Help us reach 1000 members for 2020…we are so close!
We have several Special Events for RD 11:
** $5 Temporary Membership
** Littles XC kids race at 6pm
** Live bands at 7pm sponsored by JD Walker at Construction Unlimited
** Bible Study at 7:30 at Gooberville (Coles portable palace)
** Fireworks show sponsored by Duane Hill at Atlantic Pools of OKC
Gates open at 3pm Friday.
Here are your UPDATED 1 click directions:
GPS: 34.550994,-98.671496
No photo description available.

Rd 9 at Big Fox Run

Your race club is excited to invite you and anyone you know with a bike or quad to our Big Fox Run  event September 5/6 in Cameron, OK.

As we head to our Eastern borders make sure you contact all the racers you know in the surrounding areas to come race with us at BFR.

If you only attend 1 special event this year, the Power Wheels downhill is almost as excited as a spectator as it is to pilot one in a race. Be looking for a separate post about this special event as there are some very important details.

You can thank our very own David Brown with Brown Oil Tools for sponsoring the BFR race. Brown Oil Tools is your go to place for Down Hole oil field tools and can reach them at 580.436.0002.
If you are looking for lodging, Poteau is the closest town with modern amenities. You can also camp at BFR.

Here are your 1 click directions:

Welcome Back for Round 8

Here we go…RD 8 at Stroud Lake will kick off the 2nd 1/2 of the 2020 season in less than 2 weeks!
We hope that everyone has been enjoying the Summer break. Some of you may not have touched your machine since the last race and others have been riding a lot. Either way its time to start preparing.
If you are needing parts, maintenance or maybe a whole new machine one of our RD 8 sponsors is Shawnee Honda Polaris Kawasaki and will take very good care of you. They have experienced off-road enthusiasts on staff that would love to help you get what you need.
Central Oklahoma Federal Credit Union is also sponsoring RD 8 so we would encourage everyone to check out their website which offers a large variety of banking solutions.
For those of you that are camping, RV hook ups are on a first come basis. Gates open at 3pm Friday. Please do not show up before 3pm.
Your race club will be very excited to see everyone. Please help us continue to grow our amazing sport by sharing this flyer and reaching out to those that do not follow social media.
Here are your 1 click directions:

Round 7 at Gruber ORV

Your race club is excited to invite you to spend the weekend playing in the dirt with us at the Camp Gruber ORV park June 13/14. There are only 2 races left before the Summer break and know you will want to get as much racing as possible in.
Gruber is located in a mountainous part of the state with lots of adventurous activities to do around there for those that want to make a full weekend trip. The track has lots of elevation changes, rocks, tight woods that really flow well and of course a few wide open sections.
We would like to thank the foundation repair experts at Ram Jack for sponsoring this event. We will be posting more about what they do earlier next week. If you are in need of foundation repairs check out their website for more information.
Here are your 1 click directions:
GPS:35.712143, -95.203948

Special Event Night Race at Baldwin Ranch

Special Event at Round 3 Baldwin Ranch!!!
Night Team Race!! Saturday at 8:45 PM (registration at 8:15 pm)
++Teams can be quad-quad, bike-quad, or bike-bike.
++Must have lights…they can be factory lights or something you can rig up. I would suggest a headlamp too.
++There will be a mini class (85 cc 2 stroke bike max or 150 cc quad max and 14 years old or younger) and a big bike class (minis can ride in the big bike class if they would prefer or have an adult team mate.)
++Teams may share one machine or have two machines.
++They will race at the same time.
++45 min. race
++Prizes for 1st place in both classes
++ Goggles, boots, and helmet required.
++ Need to have a team name.
++ Hand scored event, you must completely stop at scoring
++Registration for this will be at 8:15 PM on Saturday and race will start will be at 8:45 PM.
++Volunteer helpers would be very welcome if you want to come help out.
Let the trash talk begin…..

OCCRA Littles Super XC 4-Part Series

I am super excited to announce the
### #OCCRA Littles Super XC 4 Part Series ####
**Classes for our littles (under 7 years old):**
–Strider Bike (5 min race)
–12 in. Stacyc Bike (10 min race)
–16 in Stacyc Bike (10 min race)
–PW50 Training wheels (10 min race)
All riders will get a “jersey” with their name on it for the series IF you preregister prior to 10 AM Wednesday, May 13th.
Parents may follow their racer on foot (in fact, we encourage this), but may not hinder the race of any other racer. Helmets are required (a bike helmet is fine). Liability waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be given in each class and year end awards will be given to the series winners at the OCCRA Banquet in January.
Series Locations:
  • Race 1 Baldwin Ranch May 16th at 6 PM
  • Race 2 Fry Lake May 30th at 6 PM
  • Race 3 Williams Ranch date TBD at 6 PM
  • Race 4 Part Land and Cattle October 3rd at 6 PM

Make-Up Race Scheduling

Hello Racers,

Here’s the revised schedule for the 2020 season.  This will take us up to the end of the Spring half of the season.  From there, we will pick up in the fall as usual.

  • Baldwin Ranch will be a rescheduled round 3 that is being made up in place of round 6 may 16th and 17th
  • May 30th and 31 – Round 7 at Fry lake
  • June 13th and 14th (Rain Date) – Round 2 at Gruber ORV
  • June 20th and 21 – Round 4 at Williams Ranch

Round 6 will be rescheduled using the fall rain date at a location TBA.

Round 5 at MPH is ON!

We are very excited to invite you to race Round 5 Make Promises Happen (MPH) this weekend, May 2-3.

MPH is not only an extremely popular track but it is also a charity race for a very good cause.


For this race to be a success it is critical that everyone respect and follow all guidelines. Do not overlook the CDC flyer even if it looks familiar. We have added addition guidelines to the top of the flyer.
In the event that you are affected in a way that prevents you from attending this race, we have options for you. These options can be discussed on a personal basis by calling Emily at 405.612.2660.
Please help us share this information. We will also be pushing out more information throughout the week.

The address to MPH is:

One Twin Cedar Lane
Guthrie, Oklahoma 73044


Round 3 Postponed and Outlook

Effective immediately we have to hit the pause button on round 3 at minimum. We have more questions than answers right now and will continue evaluating all options for future rounds as well as make up races while keeping you in the loop along the way.
Our goal is to keep racing and believe that the passion for what all of us do on the track is essential for happiness in life. Your race club is still planning on delivering the epic season we promised you for 2020 but we are going to have to wait until the restrictions handed down to organizations like ours have lifted.

Round 2 Postponed

Hello Racers!!!
We have been weighing many factors as to whether or not we should race at our Round 2 Gruber this weekend. Unfortunately with all of the rain and the Covid-19 situation, we feel that the best course of action is to postpone the race to our rain date in June. We know that everyone wants to race, but the safety of our members is the number one priority. Continue to watch Facebook and the website on information for upcoming races.

Round 2 at Gruber Coming Up!

With Round 2 at Gruber approaching in 2 weeks we hope that this extra time everyone is getting has allowed everyone to get those race machines back in tip top shape. All of our officers and BOD would like to thank YOU the MEMBERS for a amazing turnout at round 1. Let’s keep this large number of riders going and continue to make this year amazing. We also want to challenge everyone to bring a new rider to every race this year to help grow our membership. So dial in that suspension for the first rock race of the year. Please do not forget to thank David Brown and Adam Criner for laying out this awesome track.

Race report: Round 1 at Strother XC was a huge success!

First off, the weather was 70+ degrees all weekend and attendance was off the chart! What a great way to start the season.
We are very happy with the overwhelming attendance and want to thank our members that have been referring their friends. Lets keep the momentum going…join us by setting a goal to get at least 1 person you know to start racing with us. This weekend we did a spotlight on Jay, a brand new rider that has never raced before and he is so excited to race with us now. Let’s get more stories like Jays and keep growing our sport.
Being a new track there were a few learning curves.
Thanks to Dave Campbell and everyone that helped fix the “soft spot” in the road. Also, thank you to those that patiently waited.
The Long Course (LC) Quad race had more than double the attendance of last year and got to enjoy laying down first tracks on this brand new venue. The new Short Course (SC) Quad race was also a success and looks like it will keep growing.
A and B big bike attendance was overwhelming. Bikes usually like tight woods and that’s exactly what they got. The majority of the track was nice tacky dirt but there were some mud bogs that could eat bikes which led so some really wide sections of track. The OCCRA crew worked hard between races to reroute and repair areas. Overall, most people we talked with or read on social media said they had a great time and enjoyed the technical challenges.
We introduced the all new Ajax Motorsports Medic Quad piloted by Michael Montgomery “Cheeseburger”. Your race club takes safety very serious and are grateful to Ajax for making this possible. Without your support, shops like Ajax would unlikely be able to support such critical portions of our club. Next time you are thinking about clicking a button to get those parts you need, check them out. They stay very well stocked on parts and accessories for popular brands in addition to a loaded showroom full of machines. We will be doing a better feature on the new Ajax Motorsports Medic Quad in the next round or 2 once Cheeseburger gets it set up the way he likes.
Easy Lay Liners is who sponsored Round 1 and would love it if anyone needing a pond, water treatment or trench pit liner will call them first.
Moving on to Round 2 at Gruber will be a completely different type of track and hope to see you there. Stay tuned for the new race flyer and venue information this week.